Advanced Life Insurance Design

Creative Solutions Help Clients Achieve Their Goals

Schechter Wealth has over 75 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing advanced life insurance strategies. Our consultative approach and technical expertise has made us a quiet leader in the market. The Schechter Team goes well beyond traditional life insurance offerings and is involved in the design and implementation of highly sophisticated techniques. Our technical analysts and legal professionals are constantly scouring the market and conducting in-depth research to find the best possible solution and opportunities.

  • Life Insurance Design

    At Schechter, we take life insurance to an entirely different level. Life insurance is not an off-the-shelf product; it is a chassis that, with the right design, can achieve a myriad of customizable objectives. Our research and design team uses cutting edge technology to build life insurance solutions based on our clients’ unique circumstances. At Schechter, our independent platform allows us to select the most appropriate carriers to achieve specific objectives for our clients. The end result is a policy designed specifically for you, with a team in place to make changes to the policy as your objectives or market conditions change.

  • Life insurance portfolio Management

    Identifying the right insurance is step one. Most life insurance agents stop there. However, our dedicated service and analysis teams regularly review our clients’ portfolios from both a structural and economic perspective. There are often desirable funding and design changes to be made to existing policies. And like the stock and bond markets, the life insurance market is constantly changing and providing new opportunities for our clients’ existing insurance. Through our efforts, our clients can take advantage of the certainty and leverage that life insurance adds to their overall portfolio.

  • Unique conservative investment alternatives

    High net worth investors are faced with unique challenges that require unique solutions. Higher tax rates continue to chip away at investment returns, and today’s bond yields leave conservative investors with little to do. At Schechter, we use our in depth product and market knowledge to design life insurance policies which can serve as an alternative to conservative investments. With tax advantages including potential tax free growth and tax free withdrawals, many compare the benefits to that of a Roth IRA.