Life Insurance

At Schechter, we take life insurance to an entirely different level. We know that life insurance is not an off-the-shelf product; it is a chassis that, with the right design, can achieve a myriad of customizable objectives. Our research and design team builds life insurance solutions based on our clients’ unique circumstances. Our independent platform allows us to select the most appropriate carriers to achieve specific goals for our clients. The end result is a policy designed specifically for you, with a team in place to make changes to the policy as your objectives or market conditions change.

Each Client is Unique

Every individual has different financial needs; different values, beliefs, relationships, and goals. So we begin each relationship with a conversation. We sit down with them to understand and then develop specific plans and strategies to meet their personal objectives. There are no "one size fits all" solutions at Schechter Wealth. And it's a testament to this approach that so many Schechter clients remain Schechter clients for life.

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