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Schechter Wealth provides truly individualized wealth management solutions based solely on each client’s circumstances, goals and objectives. We pool all of our knowledge and resources to look at a client’s financial position from the bigger picture. What are your objectives? Generating cash flow or increasing yields, transferring wealth or a business, reducing tax burdens personally and professionally, or even what your charitable legacy may be? Schechter has worked with hundreds of wealthy families and we believe that this experience, coupled with our knowledge and independence, is instrumental in achieving our clients goals and wealth management needs.


    The protection and transfer of your wealth can be complex and requires careful planning. Schechter Wealth has 75 years of experience working with multigenerational families on transferring wealth to future generations. We employ tax efficient gifting programs, trusts, annuity arbitrage, charitable giving and countless other unique strategies to meet your planning goals, such as avoiding probate and reducing estate taxes.


    Knowing what and when to give is an essential part of estate planning. The Schechter Team has the knowledge and the insights to help clients and their advisors discover ways to have a greater impact and craft unique strategies on how to achieve personal giving goals.


    We are all living longer, and planning for a longer retirement is a critical step during our working years. With uncertainty over taxes and investments, retirement planning can be tricky. Schechter Wealth has the knowledge and tools to help you take the steps to create a stronger financial future.


    Your business is more than a job. It’s a part of you as much as you are a part of it. Schechter is here to help you leave a lasting legacy and ensure your business blossoms in the future with your vision. From setting up a solid structure for a seamless transition, to contingencies management and techniques to mitigate estate taxes, our experts can advise you on the many facets of business secession planning.


    Schechter Wealth can design benefit plans that address the retirement savings gap confronting most of today’s higher-earning executives, helping them achieve their individual goals. As a strategic benefits partner, we also take the long view when it comes to the financial health of our clients at every level of their business – 401k programs, group benefits programs to financial security planning for their business, their employees and for themselves.

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