Life Insurance

Insurance Portfolio Consulting

The first step is identifying the right insurance. While most life insurance agents stop there, our dedicated service and analysis teams at Schechter regularly review our clients’ portfolios from both a structural and economic perspective. Often, there are desirable funding and design changes to be made to existing policies. Like the stock and bond markets, the life insurance market is constantly changing and providing new opportunities for our clients’ existing insurance. Through our efforts, our clients can take advantage of the certainty and leverage that life insurance adds to their overall portfolio.

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

PPLI has become increasingly popular as high net worth investors seek greater tax efficiency with investment vehicles. Typically, hedge funds and alternative asset class investments are taxed as ordinary income or short-term capital gains, at federal rates as high as 43.3%. Add in state taxes and the combined rate approaches 50%. By holding these assets within an insurance wrapper, investors can defer and potentially eliminate the tax burden.

Additional Benefits of PPLI:

  • PPLI typically offers lower costs and commissions in comparison to retail insurance products
  • Simplified tax reporting – PPLI eliminates K-1s and many other annual reporting burdens associated with   hedge funds
  • No surrender charges – These policies can be surrendered at any time without incurring surrender charges that are typically associated with retail life insurance policies
  • Avoidance of phantom income – Investors will avoid paying taxes on income that’s not distributed to them because they accumulate in a tax-free environment
  • Enhanced creditor protection

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Private placement life insurance is a way to invest in tax-inefficient assets such as hedge funds in a tax-efficient environment.

Premium Finance

Premium financing is a strategy that can deliver a powerful, flexible, and efficient option for permanent life insurance premium payments with eligible high-net-worth clients. Premium financing can be a cost-effective, tax-advantaged strategy to help transfer your estate to future generations. It can help you obtain life insurance and use leverage to finance and enhance returns on the contract. These plans are typically a fair market loan arrangement between a commercial lender and an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) where the lender loans the premiums for a life insurance policy on the client’s life to the ILIT. The gift to the ILIT is equal to the amount of loan interest charged – not the entire policy premiums. Thus, clients are able to acquire the death benefit needed with little or no gift tax impact.

Premium Financing

Managing Director, Ilana Liss

What is premium financing? Why would you finance a life insurance policy? Who does this unique strategy benefit most? Ilana Liss delves into the benefits of premium financing.

Tax-Advantaged Investment Vehicles

High net worth investors are faced with unique challenges that require unique solutions. Higher tax rates continue to chip away at investment returns, and today’s bond yields leave conservative investors with few options. At Schechter, we use our in-depth product and market knowledge to design life insurance policies which can often provide higher returns than your bond portfolio with the added benefit of the tax advantages of life insurance.  Those tax advantages including potential tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals, many compare the benefits to that of a Roth IRA.