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Searching Out Unique

Schechter Private Capital (SPC) was formed in 2016 in response to the continued private investment opportunities afforded to us through our vast deal sourcing network. As long time private opportunity investors, our experience clearly translated into extending these opportunities to our partners. We look for favorable risk-return dynamics across a wide variety of industries. Our preference is for businesses and opportunities we can understand, with non-binary outcomes. A priority is placed on the preservation of capital through deal structuring and careful investment selection.

Certain Schechter Private Capital investments are made via strategic partners and not directly with the companies.

For Companies

We are seeking to invest in and partner with companies that have:
  • Proven business model
  • Existing revenue (preferably over $10mm)
  • High growth potential
  • Clearly defined capital need and allocation plan
  • Non-binary dependent outcomes (FDA approval)
  • Partner/leadership investment in their own business

For Investors

We work tirelessly to provide investment opportunities that have:
  • Above market return potential
  • Protected and understood downside
  • Proprietary access via our sourcing
  • Favorable economic structure and fees
  • Alignment of interest as we invest alongside our partners

Looking Beyond the Traditional Portfolio for Growth

SPC is focused on investments into companies that have market-leading products, processes, and technology that show opportunities for growth. While the risks associated with private company investments are often higher, the potential returns often compensate for that risk – the key is balancing the risk-reward relationship, and understanding the companies and specifics of a transaction. SPC looks for strong management teams that show exceptional promise.

We make it a policy to always participate alongside our investors in all our deals on the same terms. Our partners highly value Schechter’s commitment to our opportunities, sourcing strategy, due diligence, and investment process.

Quote from Marc Schechter

“For investors who understand the risks, and can weather the illiquidity, we believe the return potential in private equity warrants an allocation in investment portfolios. Through our deal sourcing and due diligence, we’re hoping to identify opportunities that will perform better than the overall private markets.”

- Marc Schechter, Senior Managing Director & Principal

Schechter Private Capital Team

Marc R. Schechter

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Hodari, CFP®, CIMA®

Managing Director | Chief Investment Officer

Max Hunt

Vice President, Investments

Joe Drozd, CFA®

Senior Investment Advisor

Michelle Anstett

Executive Assistant | Investor Relations

Nancy Hoag

Vice President of Marketing

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