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The Value of Independence

As Independent Registered Investment Advisors, we have a single dedication and focus: Your goals. For us, being independent means having the freedom to better serve our clients. We provide complete transparency into investment fees and our process. You are never left wondering what our motive is - we have a fiduciary duty to always act in your best interest. We are by your side, ready to advise.

Managing Tax Efficiency

Tax Loss Harvesting

It’s not what you make; it’s what you keep. We utilize active tax loss harvesting and holding periods to make sure paper gains are not eroded by avoidable taxation. High net worth investors are precisely the people most affected by taxes.

Alternative Investments
April 15, 2019

Consider the Alternative: Why Alternative Investments Have a Place in Your Portfolio

Why alternative investments have a place in your clients’ portfolios

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Premium Financing
February 6, 2019

5 Premium Financing Questions Every Advisor Should Be Prepared to Answer

Whether your high-net-worth client desires an additional tax-free income stream during their retirement years, or significant death benefit to pass to their heirs, financing life insurance premiums enables an individual to earn a spread between expected policy returns and borrowing rate, resulting in a compounding 8-10% tax-free return over time.

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active passive investing
January 4, 2019

Active vs. Passive: The Case For Both And A Place For Both

When it comes to managing investments, there’s room for both philosophies.

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Investment Insights:

Portfolio Rebalancing

Rebalancing is the process of realigning the weightings of a portfolio of assets. Rebalancing involves periodically buying or selling assets in a portfolio to maintain an original desired level of asset allocation.

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