Premium Financing: Partnering with Insurance Professionals

Advisor Testimonials

“I really enjoy working with Schechter. I am impressed with their unique strategies and the value they add to my clients. Their presentation process and follow up is unmatched. From start to finish they are top notch.”

— Jamie N. Cowper, CLTC - President, Unity Financial Advisors (Franklin, Michigan)

“I am a ‘PAID’ spokesperson for Schechter, you can choose to be paid too…by partnering with them.”

— Enyi Kanu, Group Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, kANU Asset Management, LLC (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“I have worked on two cases with Schechter. I have closed both. In both cases, they presented solutions we did not already have that added value for the clients. They did everything they promised they would do and we were very happy with the partnership.”

— Dave Lopez, Investment Advisor Representative, ILG Financial (Stafford, Virginia)

“It was so easy to do business with Schechter. From the initial illustrations to underwriting, to final issue, the support given made the whole process run smoothly.”

— Robert Fross, Partner, Wealth Advisor, Fross & Fross Wealth Management (The Villages, Florida)

“All I had to do was complete the app and Schechter took it from there.  They shopped the new policy around to find the best coverage available and took care of all the underwriting and policy transfers.  My client understood everything and is very satisfied.”

— David Cowee, Investment Advisor Representative, Pineywoods Financial (Nacogdoches, Texas)

Our Value-Add to You & Your Client

Don’t Get Outflanked by Another Advisor

High-net-worth clients are hearing about opportunities to use borrowed funds to meet their life insurance needs or achieve above-market yields on conservative, stable investment alternatives. If you don’t bring those sophisticated ideas to your clients, someone else will.

Become an Expert by Partnering with Experts

We have extensive experience placing large and complex transactions, and our relationships with lenders get difficult cases completed quickly. Utilize our extensive resources and a back office so you don’t have to develop these capabilities yourself and can be freed up to move on to the next opportunity.

Our Pledge to You

We treat your client with white-glove concierge-level service to support your relationship and never try to develop our own. Your client will always be your client.

I’ve known the Schechter family for over 30 years. Without a doubt, they are one of the most well-respected firms in the country as they are the whole package. Fiercely independent and built on a solid ethical foundation, they are a top-notch partner in the high-net-worth space. They advocate on behalf of their clients to get the best possible result, and their implementation processes and all-around client experience are unmatched.

-Bob Carter

Founder and CEO, Lion Street Financial

Why are Individuals Financing Policies in Today's Environment?

• They want death benefit, but they don’t want to write significant premium checks. Whether it’s for lack of liquidity or better investment options, they’d rather use the bank's money and pay interest at a low rate and have death benefit in the future.

• They see the value in accumulating cash inside of a life insurance contract and the tax benefits of doing so. By borrowing money from the bank and watching it grow in a stable life insurance environment, individuals can reap a tax-free future income.

Partnering with Schechter

A Full-Service Approach to Life Insurance

We go well beyond traditional life insurance offerings, and we’re well-versed in the design and implementation of highly sophisticated techniques. Our technical analysts and legal professionals are constantly scouring the market and conducting in-depth research to find the best possible solution. We offer complete white-glove service; buying, analyzing, and underwriting the entire insurance process.

Placement & Service

  • Premier placement of insurance
  • Superior market knowledge
  • Client hand-holding throughout the buying process & beyond
  • Experts in understanding ownership challenges
  • Ongoing policy due diligence post-placement

Advanced Design & Structure

  • Key banking relationships for premium financing
  • Uncovering product anomalies & inefficiencies
  • Utilization of tax-advantaged strategies
  • Side-by-side comparison of competitive products
  • In-house attorneys to advise on complex ownership structures

Experience in Numbers

Strong, stable and committed to keeping our promises for 79 years.

Clients Nationwide

Multi-Disciplined Team of 55 Employees

4,000 Policies Under Management

9 Billion of Death Benefit

$500 Million of Cash Value

“One of the most important recommendations we can make to our client is the one that helps them sleep better at night.”

-Robert V. Schechter


Our Premium Finance Experts

Marc R. Schechter

Chief Executive Officer

Jason R. Zimmerman, MBA

Senior Advisor

Aaron Hodari, CFP®, CIMA®

Managing Director | Chief Investment Officer

Ilana K. Liss

Managing Director

Kevin Beauchamp

Vice President, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Brian D. Young, JD, CLTC

Wealth Advisor

Jordan Smith, JD, LLM

Vice President, Advanced Design

Joseph Opiela, CFA®

Wealth Advisor | Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Jake Elias, CFP®, MBA

Senior Wealth Associate

Lisa McGee

Director of Underwriting

Therese Rasmussen

Senior Underwriting Case Manager

Jon Corrigan

Marketing Manager

Christine Belcher

Executive Administrative Assistant & I.T. Liaison

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