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Customized institutional quality investment advisory & wealth management for families

Our process starts with a simple question. What’s important to you? Discovering your goals, your passion, your desires, and your fears is a critical first step to developing a personalized investment plan. That plan is put in action through our institutional quality investment advisory platform built on independence, tax efficiency, and world-class research & partners.

Achieving your financial goals means more than picking the right investments. It’s about developing a deep understanding of your financial life, and possessing the knowledge and skill to put it all together. With Schechter Wealth, you can be confident that your investments and wealth are being managed by one of the most knowledgeable and trusted teams in the country. It’s here that the broad spectrum of resources at Schechter Wealth add an invaluable extra dimension. With a rich history of uncompromised integrity, you can be sure the investments and financial strategies we recommend blossom from an understanding and singular focus on what is truly best for you and your family. Our services include investment advisory, wealth management, asset management, and tax efficient strategies.

  • The Value of Independence

    As an independent, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, our advisors have a single dedication and focus: your goals. For us, being independent means having the freedom to better serve our clients and choose the right tools and products that further that aim. We have no propriety products or funds that could cause conflicts of interest. Our incentive system is purely based on helping our clients reach their financial goals. We provide complete transparency into our investment advisory services, fees, and our process. You are never left wondering what our motive is – we have a fiduciary duty to always act in your best interest. We are by your side, ready to advise.

  • Managing Tax Efficiency

    It is our belief that management of taxes is critical–often more important than the difference between great and average money manager performance. Our process employs techniques that maximize our ability to help implement efficient investment advisory and tax strategies. We utilize active tax loss harvesting and holding periods to make sure paper gains aren’t eroded by avoidable taxation. High net worth investors are precisely the people most affected by taxes.

  • World-class Money Managers

    To help identify what we believe to be the best funds and managers, Schechter partners with Callan Associates, an independent investment advisory consultant respected globally for both the quality and objectivity of their research. Through Callan, Schechter and our clients are able to access the top money managers in the world.


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