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Investment Advisory & Advanced Life Insurance Design

Schechter Wealth is a boutique, third-generation wealth advisory firm. For over 75 years, our multi-disciplined team consisting of one or more JDs, CPAs, LLMs, CLUs, PFSs, CAPs, MBAs, CFP® practitioners and CFA® charterholders has been quietly advising wealthy families on financial matters including: institutional quality investment advisory services, advanced life insurance planning, income and estate taxes, business succession, and charitable planning. Watch the video

Charitable Remainder Trust – How it Works

A charitable remainder trust is a tax-exempt irrevocable trust that allows the client to transfer property to the trust and maintain an income stream. Because a charitable remainder trust is a tax-exempt entity, it can sell highly appreciated assets without[…]

What is a charitable remainder trust?

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a tax-exempt split-interest trust to which the client transfers property and retains an income stream from the CRT. At the creation of the CRT, the charity’s remainder interest must be at least 10 percent[…]

What is a charitable lead trust?

A charitable lead trust (CLT) is a taxable split-interest irrevocable trust where a qualified organization (e.g., public charity, private foundation or donor-advised fund) receives income (lead interest) from the CLT for a set time period.* After payment of the lead[…]

How does premium financing work?

How It Works 1. Client creates an ILIT, the beneficiaries of which are typically the client’s family members. 2. ILIT borrows funds to pay the premiums due and collaterally assigns the policy to the lender. Loan interest may be paid[…]

What is Premium Financing?

Life insurance premium financing is a strategy intended to help clients obtain life insurance for which they have an established need. Typically, premium financing is a fair market loan arrangement between a commercial lender and an irrevocable life insurance trust[…]