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For Insurance and Investment Professionals

For Insurance and Investment Professionals

The benefits of strategic partnership.

Partner with Schechter to bring premium financing and advanced life insurance designs to your clients. Our experts can help you increase the size and frequency of new opportunities, shorten sales cycles and drive revenue.

Partnering with Schechter

Peter Lampert, JD, LLM, CPA

Founder | Lampert Education Resources

Denver, CO

Josh Martin

Senior VP | Financial Independence Group

Cornelius, NC

Tim Doozan

Advisor | Keel Point

Grenville, SC

As a Strategic Partner, we provide:

Innovative Insurance Solutions
Premium Finance Banking Advocates
Ongoing Policy Management & Service
Co-Branded Marketing Materials
Product Design & Analysis
Legal Structures, Tax & Planning
Advisor Support
Medical Underwriting (Optional)

Hear from our Strategic Partners


John Dovich

MAI Capital | Cincinnati, OH

“Schechter has become a valuable partner to us in the Premium Financing and Advanced Design spaces. Their client-first mindset matches our approach perfectly.  Most important to us is their unparalleled commitment to servicing these complex structures every year on a go-forward basis."


Gary Hansen

Gary Hansen

Retirement Planning Center | Denver, CO

“In my 40+ years of experience, I cannot think of another firm or group that has brought as much “value-added” knowledge and planning help to the table to benefit our clients as Schechter.”

daniel cotter

Daniel Cotter

Lakeside Financial Partner | Broadview Heights, OH

“Schechter is my partner of choice in the premium financing space.  Our firms have a complete cultural alignment and I will gladly put them in front of my most important clients when advanced design opportunities arise.“


Brian K. Evans, CPA, PFS

Madrona Financial Services, LLC | Everett, WA

“I ran a case by Schechter, and they designed a plan that was a better solution for my client and increased my compensation ten-fold. The case was complicated, but they made it easier for me by handling all the sticky points.”

kyle s

Kyle Satterlee, ChFC

Compass Financial Group, LLC | Walled Lake, MI

“Schechter is very gifted at presenting financial solutions to my clients/prospects. In fact, the data research and analysis that goes into their recommendations is way ahead of my competition.  This has helped me to be more confident that I’m operating for my client’s best interest.”


Brent McDonald

Financial Representative | Tar Heel Wealth Management, LLC | Hickory, NC

“I had an excellent experience working with Kevin and Schechter.  From them helping me bring unique financial planning strategies to my clients all the way to the underwriting for the client. Without their help I am sure the case would not have gone as smooth as it did. I’d highly recommend bringing them in on any complex life insurance strategy.”

Build Your Business

We understand the ultra high-net-worth community. We have invested significantly into a team of experts so that you don't have to. Accessing our technology and our service team ensures best-in-class ongoing policy and loan monitoring and management. Our Strategic Partners utilize our co-branded marketing materials and our experts to help open and win more business. Being advisors ourselves, we sit in your seat everyday. 

Existing Clients

  • Bring Valuable Solutions
  • Drive Revenue

Prospective Clients

  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Capture New Markets

Institutional  Partnerships


Investment and Insurance professionals rely on Schechter when significant business or estate planning and life insurance opportunities arise.  Many institutions refer their advisors to Schechter when high-net worth clients are looking for Premium Financing or Advanced Design Solutions. Whether you are affiliated with an institution or independent, we would love to hear from you.

Do I Qualify for Strategic Partnership?

Innovative Insurance Solutions

We take life insurance to an entirely different level. We know that life insurance is not an off-the-shelf product; it is a chassis that, with the right design, can achieve a myriad of customizable objectives. Our research and design team builds life insurance solutions based on your client's unique circumstances. The end result is a policy designed specifically for your client, with a team in place to make changes to the policy as objectives or market conditions change.

Generate Cash Flow
Transfer Wealth
Finance Premiums
Optimize Insurance Portfolio
Sell Unwanted Policies
Alternative Investments in Tax Favored Environments

Premium Finance Banking Advocates

Financing premiums can be an attractive way to acquire life insurance. Our banking experts can help you navigate through the numerous programs offered by banks. Whether your client desires an additional tax-free income stream during their retirement years, or significant death benefit to pass to their heirs, financed life insurance can provide a great solution.

Shop Banks on Your Behalf
Identify Interest Rate Hedges
Oversee Loan Paperwork Processing
Review & Manage Loan Annually
Advise on collateral requirements
pf-case study

Ongoing Policy Management & Service

Post placement service is critical to the long-term success of any advanced design case. Regular monitoring is not provided by the carriers. Our yearly performance reviews and annual statements keep programs on track and running smoothly for clients.

Annual Review & Reprojection Forecasts
Premium Financing Loan Review
Ongoing Carrier Communications
Beneficiary / Ownership Changes
Electronic Policy Binder
Policy Loans & Withdrawls
Annual Review

Co-Branded Marketing Support

Strategic Partners will get access to a variety of co-branded educational & marketing materials for use with clients. Utilize our range of professionally designed, beautiful communication materials to help you:

Win More Business
Open More Opportunities
Shorten Acquisition Cycles
Increase Brand Strength

Product Design & Analysis

Our team includes JDs, CPAs, LLMs, CLUs, PFSs, CAPs, MBAs, CFA charterholders, CFP  practitioners, and CIMA consultants with years of experience running the numbers and digging in deep to develop great outcomes for your clients.

In-House Design Team
Scenario Modeling
Product Recommendations
Insurance Optimization
Stress Testing
Proprietary Research and Back Testing

Legal Structures, Tax & Planning

Access to Schechter's team of diverse professionals, including estate and tax attorneys, is key to the successful implementation of your complex case. The proper structuring and explanation to your client's existing attorneys and CPAs is crucial to winning cases. Our team is available to brainstorm with you and/or your client (and their advisors) to enhance the likelihood of creating the best design and strategy.

Analysis of Estate Planning Documents
Wealth Transfer Strategies
Business Planning
Deferred Compensation Structures
Income Tax Analysis
Philanthropic Planning

Advisor Support

You can sit back with confidence and allow our team to develop the right programs for your clients and to provide you with materials to present and explain strategies to your clients. We are happy to support you at client meetings, on calls, every step of the way.

Consultative, Educational Approach
Real Time Response to Client Inquiries
Pivot to Overcome Objections
Advisor Team Meeting Support
Ongoing Program Support
Bring Added Value to Clients

Medical Underwriting - Optional

Medical underwriting is both an art and a science. Our team of Underwriting Advocates blends the two together to drive valuable offers and results for your clients. Of equal importance is the team’s ability to make the client underwriting experience as easy and hassle free as possible.

Gathering Health Information Required
Buying Power with Carriers
Coordinating Client Exams
Insurance Carrier Communications
Implementation of Insurance Placement
Negotiating Final Health Offers

Premium Finance

Successful investors and businesses understand the wealth-creating power of leverage. For clients with an established need for life insurance, premium financing can allow them to take advantage of leverage to potentially reduce out-of-pocket costs and preserve capital for more lucrative investments.

Schechter has built a team of bankers, product analysts, lawyers and underwriters who specialize in the ideation, construction, acquisition and implementation of premium financing programs. Top insurance advisors from around the country are partnering with Schechter to bring the right solutions to the right clients.

Perhaps most important to the success of these strategies is the ongoing management of the program. Schechter's review and service teams are committed to providing our Strategic Partners and their clients with annual loan and policy management for decades to come

Learn More About Premium Financing

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Learn More About Strategic Partnership

Advanced Life Insurance Design and Premium Financing can be great solutions to accomplish objectives related to business succession, buy/sell agreements, deferred compensation, estate planning, charitable planning, and asset protection.

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