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Beyond wealth

To preserve and grow wealth, clients should think about more than just investments. Our multi-disciplinary team advises on everything from tax strategies to succession planning, and our independence from financial institutions gives us the freedom to make the right choices for you.

Portfolio Design & Management
Wealth and Estate Planning
Multi-Family Office Service
Individualized Financial Planning
Private Investments
Philanthropic Planning
Tax Strategies
Insurance Design

Your needs are unique. Your plan should be customized.

Our goal-based planning considers cash flow, risk analysis, business exit strategies, and liquidity planning. We create tailored plans that help families grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals. Our customers stay with us for generations because of our superior service and breadth of knowledge.


Gain access to private investment opportunities.

As longtime private investors, we provide access to atypical opportunities for the families we serve. We look for favorable risk-return dynamics across a wide variety of industries. A priority is placed on the preservation of capital through deal structuring and careful investment selection.


Keep more of what you’ve earned.

We take a fee and tax conscious approach to investment management. Our process employs techniques that maximize our ability to help implement efficient tax strategies, including tax-loss harvesting, in consultation with a client’s tax professional, to help preserve client gains.


Continue your legacy.

The transfer of your wealth to future generations and/or charities can be complex and requires delicate planning. For more than 80 years, the Schechter family has been working with families, each with their own unique circumstances and family dynamics. We work with your legal and tax advisors to recommend strategies, investments and trust structures to minimize income and estate taxes.


Our Independence Benefits You

Being independent means having the freedom to search the investment landscape for strategies that best meet our clients' needs. We are not limited to a specific platform or option. We leverage our internal team and broad industry relationships to source ideas and build portfolios. We have a single dedication and focus: you and your goals.

Schechter Private Capital

Schechter Private Capital is focused on investments in companies that have market-leading products, processes, and technologies that show opportunities for growth.

Multi-Family Office Services

Many families reach a point in their lives where purposeful and thoughtful management of their wealth, taxes, banking, homes, bills, gifting, charities, etc. becomes all consuming and often overwhelming. While some of these families can afford to, and choose to, hire full time staff to assist them, others recognize the benefit of "outsourcing" to our team.


360 Service

Building off the needs and desires of our own families and clients, we have built a platform that allows our clients to benefit from expertise and deep knowledge across many verticals

all in one place

Structuring and managing a single-family office can be expensive and time-consuming. Let experts manage the day-to-day of your financial life so you can focus on everything else.

Transparent Reporting

Our clients benefit from a customized technology platform which offers simplicity, big picture understanding, detailed performance reporting, benchmarking and tax detail. We can report on all family assets regardless of whether or not they are supervised by Schechter. Information at your and our fingertips allows us all to make better decisions.


Learn How We Can Help

We are here to educate you on ways to manage and maximize your family wealth.