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Schechter and Guardian Tax Consultants Form Strategic Partnership

May 21, 2024

Schechter is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Guardian Tax Consultants, an expert in Management Service Organization (MSO) strategy, implementation and service. This collaboration empowers financial professionals to better serve their business owner clientele.

Through the strategic partnership, clients can now benefit from the tax advantages of both the creation of the MSO structure and owning a life insurance asset within that structure. Advisors partnering with Schechter and Guardian can enhance their professional image and unlock opportunities. This alliance enables advisors to accelerate their progress upmarket and fuel business growth.

Schechter has long been at the forefront of providing financial professionals with the knowledge and resources necessary to advise high-net-worth clients on sophisticated wealth management strategies. With a legacy spanning 85 years, Schechter has demonstrated expertise across the life insurance landscape, cementing its position as a trusted advisor in the industry. 

"We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Guardian Tax Consultants,” said CEO Marc Schechter, “This collaboration helps us to drive our mission of empowering financial professionals to better serve their wealthy clients.”

Guardian Tax Consultants, established in 2011, brings to the table a wealth of experience in working with over 500 small businesses nationwide. With a focus on MSO, implementation, and compliance, Guardian Tax Consultants has built an unparalleled network of industry leaders, helping clients achieve enhanced cash flow, reduced enterprise risks, and tax efficiencies that fuel deferred compensation, retirement planning, and asset growth." Partnering with Schechter allows us to expand our reach and offer ultra-high-net-worth clients the tax advantages of owning a life insurance asset within the MSO structure.,” said CEO Alex Jones, “We are excited to collaborate and help financial professionals unlock new opportunities and drive their success to new heights."