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Our Approach

Our Approach

Knowledge Creates Opportunity®

A popular saying “You don’t know what you don’t know” encapsulates how and why our Knowledge Creates Opportunity™. Our experts, after learning of a client’s fact pattern, identify solutions that others do not. They also provide thoughts and facts to move clients and their advisors beyond any hesitations. The result is a valuable solution for the client, and more revenue for the advisor.

Our Commitment to You


Your clients will always be your client; ethically and legally. We have built our business on doing the right thing for 80 years and will continue to for the next 80. Our Strategic Partners drive 80% of Schechter's life insurance business. We would never risk our reputation amongst the advisory community by bypassing a Strategic Partner. We also enter into a legal Strategic Partner Agreement to eliminate any concern of this.

We are committed to making you look great, and helping your clients. We promise to handle these special relationships with great care and concierge-level service.


Our promise to you and your clients.


You can sit back with confidence and allow our team to ask you the questions and develop the right programs for your clients and to provide you with materials to present and explain strategies to you clients. Whether a call or in person meeting, we are happy to support you every step of the way.

Our technical analysts and legal professionals are constantly researching the market to find the best possible solution for your client. We understand the complex nature of life insurance. Our job is to make complex ideas seem simple.



We offer side-by-side comparisons of competitive products. Our independent platform allows us to create unique combinations that maximize returns for your clients.

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Placement and Service

We are experts in understanding ownership challenges and offer client hand-holding throughout the buying process, with ongoing due diligence post-placement of your clients premium financing or advance design program.



We provide our signed partners with marketing support for your clients like articles, one-pagers, FAQs, educational videos, and premium finance guides with co-branding opportunities available for signed strategic partners.



We’ll take care of everything to get the program implemented, including lender and carrier checklists and administration, cover letter creation​, interest rate derivatives coordination​, and underwriting.



Post placement service is critical to the long-term success of any advanced design case. Regular monitoring is not provided by the carriers, our yearly performance reviews and annual statements, keep programs on track and running smoothly for clients.


Hear from our Strategic Partners

Enyi Kanu

Enyi Kanu

Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer | kANU Asset Management, LLC | Cincinnati, OH

“I am a “PAID” spokesperson for Schechter, you can choose to be paid too…by partnering with them.”

Dave Lopez, Investment Advisor Representative, ILG Financial

Dave Lopez

Investment Advisor Representative | ILG Financial | Stafford, VA

“We have worked on two cases with Kevin Beauchamp and Schechter. I have closed both.  In both cases they presented solutions we did not already have that added value for the clients. They did everything they promised they would do and we were very happy with the partnership. Moving forward we will reach out to them on all large legacy cases for their recommendations.”

Chris Cahill, J.D., CFP, Boston, MA

Chris Cahill, J.D., CFP

Boston, MA

“Schechter is transparent, knowledgeable, and responsive. I’ve had many cases come to a halt when challenges come up. It’s great knowing their team is there to creatively solve issues as they arise.”

Get to Know
Your Partner

Hear from our CEO, Marc Schechter, as he shares a bit about what we do, what drives us and his viewpoint of being an R&D firm and a life insurance and wealth transfer think tank.