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Premium Finance -

Premium Finance -

Premium Finance

We have extensive experience structuring premium finance cases and preparing documents for the carriers to justify insurable interest and insurable capacity for your clients. We leverage our deep industry knowledge and relationships — with highly rated lenders and carriers — along with our full-service back office, fit with strategy design analysts, attorneys, senior-level underwriters and post-sale service professionals, to ensure all details are covered.

Why are Individuals Financing Policies in Today's Environment?


Whether your client desires an additional tax-free income stream during their retirement years, or significant death benefit to pass to their heirs, financing life insurance premiums enables them to earn a spread between expected policy returns and borrowing rates. Anticipated results are a compounded 8-10% tax-free return over time.

cash growth  Structured For Cash Growth

Building up cash in the policy is an effective way  to grow leveraged dollars in a tax-free  environment. The cash value in the policy  can be accessed, via tax-free distributions,  during your lifetime. You may also opt to allow the cash to continue  growing over time in the tax-free environment.


multifamily Structured For Estate Planning

Ideal for those who desire a substantial amount  of life insurance – for business planning, tax planning  or to transfer wealth to future generations —  and who don’t want to write significant  premium checks. Clients finance premiums for various reasons; it could be for lack of liquidity, or they simply would rather use the bank’s money and pay interest at a low rate  to provide beneficiaries with death benefit in the future.

Does your client quality?

Premium finance is most effective for your high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. This is due to the favorable borrow rates that can be secured from banks.


Net Worth

Have a net worth of $5,000,000 or more



Investors comfortable with leverage.


Long Term Investment

Time horizon greater than 10 years or more

Hear From Our Partners

John Dovich

"Schechter has become a valuable partner to us in the Premium Financing and Advanced Design spaces. Their client-first mindset matches our approach perfectly.  Most important to us is their unparalleled commitment to servicing these complex structures every year on a go-forward basis."

Jordan Katz, Northbrook, IL, JR KATZ

“The entire Schechter team are absolute pros in the premium financing space.  Their legal, banking and product experts guided us through a significant and highly nuanced case design. I very much look forward to our next engagement.”

Daniel Cotter

"Schechter is my partner of choice in the premium financing space.  Our firms have a complete cultural alignment and I will gladly put them in front of my most important clients when advanced design opportunities arise."